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How Online Meetings Work- The Protocol

So You decided to take part in an Online Recovery Meeting, but you're not sure How it Works.

It's not very intimidating and it is completly anonymous. All you need is your coffee cup, your keyboard and a few instructions. so here we Go!

Our Meetings are run by an individual who Volunters to  be the Chairperson. It is the Responsibility of the chairperson to  keep the meeting running smoothly.

It is Your responsibility to respect the position of the chairperson.

Meetings are scheduled to last approximately for one Hour. You are free to  come and go as you please, but remember to be polite and respect those who are sharing and listening.

In most cases the Meeting is Opened with the saying (typing out) of the Serenity Prayer. Although the chairperson does have the freedom to run the meeting in any appropriate manner.
The chairperson then Welcomes all to the meeting, States their chosen Topic and gives a Few Tips on  how  an Online Meeting Works.

How it Works:

  • " Before we start, here are some tips for newcomers. "
  • Please do not interupt those that are sharing, and
  • Please save your questions until the end of the meeting.
  • To be recognized please type an Exclaimation mark " ! " , it's like raising your hand.
  • When the chair recognizes you, you may share and
  • When you are finished sharing, please type "done"
  • Participation is Optional.
  • When sharing  it is best to type out  your thoughts in 1 or 2 line sentences Keep them short  so that there is not long pauses during your share. Remember the more you type before you hit send/enter the longer the reader has to wait.  
  • Please refrain from talking until you are invited to do so. Cross talking is rude. Don't for get to raise your hand , remember type  an exclaimation mark " ! "
  • You may correspond privately to anyone you wish, but remember this will disrupt their ability to focus on the message being shared.
  • Please show everyone the respect they deserve.
  • It is acceptable to comment briefly while someone is sharing if you feel strongly about what was said.
  • Please limit remarks to SHORT comments like "yes" or "nod" "right on" etc or symbols.
  • When all those wishing to share have done so, the meeting is then closed, in most cases, with the saying of the Lord's Prayer, Although the chairperson does have the freedom to close the meeting in any appropriate manner.

Remember The Opinions expressed at our meetings are  strictly those of the person who gave them. Take what you want and file the rest for future reference. The things you heard were spoken in confidence and should be treated as confidential. Who you saw here, what you heard here, when you leave here, let it stay here.

If you wish to tell someone you are a member of a Recovery  group, or afflicted with an addiction, that is your privilege; but please respect the personal anonymity of others you see here. Remember : gossip and criticism destroy the unity of fellowship. We can best help each other by keeping what other people shared here to ourselves.