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How do I Create My Blog ?

First you must be a Registered Member of Recovery Realm inorder to create your personal blog in  BlogRealm.

Now that you belong to the fellowship:

  • Login...
  • Go to ... Create Your Own Blog
  • Click on .. Create My Blog

You are now about to begin to Create your Blog:

  • Enter the..Title... eg-  My  1st Sober Blog ( please be more creative than that)
  • Enter ... Description..Type in a brief 1 or 2 line description  of what your overall blog will  be sharing eg- Ramblings of a Drunkard

Next you will enter what Options you want activated for your Blog:

For example, you could click to activate:

  • Make blog public
  • Allow Users to  post
  • Syndicate blog
  • Set your Time Options and date format - may we suggest Day(01):Month (January):Year format 
  • Finally Click Update

You have now created your Blog and are now ready to make your 1st Blog entry

Making a Blog Entry

  • Now in the window entitled Create your Own Blog you will see some extra options
  • View My Blog and
  • Add Blog Entry

Well nows the time to  start Blogging so:

  • click on  Add Blog Entry A window appears with the date and the name of your Blog.
  • You  must now enter the Title of your blog Entry eg-  A Giant leap
  • Next  type a 1 or 2 line Summery of  your Blog Entry eg- How I  found freedom.
  • Next select, make sure the dot appears next to, Rich Text Editor
  • Now create- type,  copy,  paste add pictures or  links into your blog.
  • Once you are done click Update.

You can now  view your blog and if u want to  make changes, corrections or additions:

  •  click on  View my Blog and
  • click the Edit Entry caption in the upper right of your blog entry

Happy Blogging